1. before moving forward, should step backward.

    Did nothing much today.  Getting heaps of sleep, keep my brain blank… the precise description of my life today would be “Pig’s life”.

    To prepare getting equipped in Jan, I know I am desperate for a break.  Finally, I got it.  Two days for DOING NOTHING.  Now I m charged and refreshed.  Time to complete all tasks now.

    Wish everyone have an energetic year of twenty ten!


  2. NYE 2009

    Same as last year.  My NYE is still packed.

    Thanks to Tiffany Louis Ivy and their friends.  All of you gave me a happy and memorable one.

    Met up with Tiffany and Lou after work.  Feeling better hanging around Times Sq this time.  No wonder, just had a better feeling.  Then catch up with Ivy for couple of drinks around IFC.  We had a great time.  The only thing I wanna mention is: drinks there were BLODDY EXPENSIVE. We had lots of girls talk.  Wish she can get rid from the problems very soon.  She is the only one can help herself.

    My last dinner in year 2009 was with tiffy, louis and his frds in simply life in IFC.  the food is nice and the view was beautiful.  dining with such a nice view the food, the dinner was with good value.

    Where to count down? oh well, we chose a club.  Probably I was too tired.  Probably the music.  Probably something goes wrong.  I was not that into it anyway.  And finally went to PP…. that’s totally different from shift.  frankly, i do more prefer shift.

    In a conclusion, my NYE was had loads of fun.  With friends, fine food and nice wine.  Wish all my friends all the best in Year 2010. *muah*

    ClubbingFoodNYEWinesyd frds

  3. I were used to eat here few times each week…. F&L @ Macquarie Centre…

    I were used to eat here few times each week…. F&L @ Macquarie Centre…

  4. Happy Weekend!!!

    我要好好咁 enjoy 一下~~~~ yeah!!!

    多謝阿七!好鍾意條 bracelet 呀!靚靚~~


  5. 我諗係藥物影響同埋昨晚訓得唔好啦,今日個人總係呆呆滯滯咁。又勁放蚊!仲成日有d反胃0既感覺~

    今日一返到去,如常咁做野啦!都係整理返之前d文件之類啦。但係,boss 叫我整返上次打假0既名單同埋 copy 0既 model。嘩~ 鬼記得咩!咁多間,不過,大部份都係抄 titan,得一千零一間抄 starck hinge。怕且呢份功課都有排搞!

    平時勁為食0既我,今日一反常態,冇咩胃口。even 跟同事們去西苑飲茶都冇咩點食野。(好彩有人請,唔係就蝕哂喇!) 如果呢個現象可以 keep 返三五七年就好囉!

    收到加人工的 confirmation letter。好開心呀!(雖然糧都出左囉~) 係一種肯定黎架!我會努力架!大家都係呀!


  6. 今天病了...很辛苦。還以為星期六日捱過了,星期一便會好過來。原來不是的....






  7. You’re always on my mind
    All day just all the time
    You’re everything to me
    Brightest star to let me see

    You touch me in my dreams
    We kiss in every scene
    I pray to be with you through rain and shiny days

    I’ll love you Till I die
    Deep as sea Wide as sky
    The beauty of our love paints rainbows
    Everywhere we go

    Need you all my life
    You’re my hope You’re my pride
    In your arms I find my heaven
    In your eyes my sea and sky
    May life be our love paradise






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  8. 很痛很痛…….難道已經跟以前不一樣了?


  9. 說時遲那時快,咁又星期四喇!唔知係咪人大左,總係覺得時間過得好快!話咁快大家又畢業,話咁快我份工都返左五個月喇!我諗好快就會有朋友結婚請我去飲~

    hea 左幾日,今日終於黎料。勁多野做。一陣又話咁,過一陣間又話咁!喂,唔係你做姐,麻煩你都諗下先叫人做野丫!講野又講d唔講d,想點呀!

    今日 GM 請食lunch,成班同事齊齊晌 conference room 食野吹水真係幾開心!最搞笑係講講下我地整左套<公司慾孽>出黎!哈哈~~~個個同事一係做妃子,一係做公公。GM 問我想做邊個,我梗係做宮女啦!(現實中,我亦都係做緊宮女。) 之後俾阿 lun 話邊有咁嘈0既宮女喎! 哼!如果我講野細細聲,你地會聽我講野咩!如果我咁”林”善,我肯定唔只做宮女,連洗衫掃地都做埋呀!哼~~~~~~

    今日買左個 halloween 頭飾!哈~ 要 match 返星期六 BBQ 0既 dress code 嘛!yeah~


  10. 咁就放完個 long weekend 喇!雖然咩都冇做過,但係精神就叉足電,明日又可以再努力過!黎緊呢兩個星期都會好忙架喇,忙 optical fair 嘛!雖然我唔係 PIC,但佢地有d咩 internal support 要求到,我點都要幫佢地架嘛!

    good night everyone~