1. NYE 2009

    Same as last year.  My NYE is still packed.

    Thanks to Tiffany Louis Ivy and their friends.  All of you gave me a happy and memorable one.

    Met up with Tiffany and Lou after work.  Feeling better hanging around Times Sq this time.  No wonder, just had a better feeling.  Then catch up with Ivy for couple of drinks around IFC.  We had a great time.  The only thing I wanna mention is: drinks there were BLODDY EXPENSIVE. We had lots of girls talk.  Wish she can get rid from the problems very soon.  She is the only one can help herself.

    My last dinner in year 2009 was with tiffy, louis and his frds in simply life in IFC.  the food is nice and the view was beautiful.  dining with such a nice view the food, the dinner was with good value.

    Where to count down? oh well, we chose a club.  Probably I was too tired.  Probably the music.  Probably something goes wrong.  I was not that into it anyway.  And finally went to PP…. that’s totally different from shift.  frankly, i do more prefer shift.

    In a conclusion, my NYE was had loads of fun.  With friends, fine food and nice wine.  Wish all my friends all the best in Year 2010. *muah*

    ClubbingFoodNYEWinesyd frds